Get Involved


Our founding partners and Minecraft merchandise partners including Lego, Mattel, Jazwares, and Jinx contribute significant financial support to Block by Block Workshops and project construction, but the need is great. With our current funding, we’re able to complete about 30 projects a year, but there are hundreds more waiting.

Whether you are a foundation focused on addressing income inequality, a company dedicated to innovative technology, or an individual, there are many ways to help improve lives through public space transformation.

  • $25 rents a computer to ensure Block by Block Workshops are open to all who want to participate

  • $50 provides a generator so workshops can be held in places without electricity

  • $70 funds a swing for children to play in a refugee camp

  • $100 funds a trash can to help keep spaces clean

  • $300 funds a streetlight to make schoolgirls feel safe

  • $3,000 funds a Block by Block Workshop

  • $5,000 funds a park bench where elderly neighborhood residents can rest and socialize

  • $15,000 funds the development of training materials to help reach more neighborhoods

  • $18,000 funds the construction of a pocket park where neighbors can gather and relax

  • $30,000 funds a waste management project to improve public health

  • $100,000 funds a typical major Block by Block project from start to finish

As I always say, you change Dandora, you change Nairobi, you change Kenya, you change Africa, you change the entire world! It all starts here.
— Charles Gachanga, Dandora Transformation League