Building Youth Engagement in Manila

Building Youth Engagement in Manila


Students team up to reimagine a historic public square using Minecraft, inspiring local officials to make a commitment to safe, green, accessible public spaces.

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Building Youth Engagement in Manila


The Manila metropolitan area, commonly known as Metro Manila, is a sprawling urban area made up of 16 districts. It is one of the most densely populated areas in the world, and it struggles with the same challenges of any large city. The area is the heart of the Philippines and is the center of culture, economy, education, and government.

Building Youth Engagement, Block by Block

After discovering a shared interest in the importance of public spaces to sustainable, vibrant communities, The League of Cities of the Philippines and UN-Habitat organized a unique, one-day design competition using Minecraft and the Block by Block Methodology to engage local youth in reimagining Rizal Park in Luneta. High school and college students from across the 16 districts of Metro Manila teamed up to compete in the competition.

The Minecraft competition is an opportunity for the youth of Manila to be more involved in revitalizing historic public spaces such as Rizal Park.
— Pontus Westerberg, UN-Habitat

Minecraft design for Rizal Park


The conference—and the design competition—resulted in a renewed commitment by the political leaders of Metro Manila to strengthen and champion safe, green, and accessible public spaces. City representatives were reminded of the critical importance of quality public spaces to healthy, sustainable cities and agreed to create a network throughout the Philippines committed to these principles and values.

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