Cecilia Andersson

Cecilia Andersson


Special Advisor
Nairobi, Kenya



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Cecilia Andersson manages the UN-Habitat Global Space Programme and has been closely involved with Block by Block since May 2014. She has represented Block by Block at World Urban Forums and many events leading up to Habitat III and the adoption of the New Urban Agenda as well as Urban Thinkers Campuses, workshops and conferences on public space, and Minecraft training at the neighborhood level.

Cecilia previously served as Urban Safety Expert for the UN-Habitat Safer Cities Programme and as the point person in the program for women’s safety and violence against women. She has also worked as a Development Researcher in South Africa, and as an Assistant Desk Officer at the Urban Development Division of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). She has a master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning.

It is wonderful to see adolescent girls, poor people, and women get so engaged in re-designing public space in their communities...and how empowered they are as they present their ideas. I also love seeing people participating in building parties to see their designs become reality!
— Cecilia Andersson